Showcasing the built, natural and cultural history & heritage of Kanpur and its surrounding areas

About the India Local History Documentation Project

Many of us have learned the history of our subcontinent only in sweeping terms - migration from Africa, the Indus valley civilisation, the Mughal conquest, British colonialism, Gandhiji, and so on. This narrative doesn't inform us much about local history, and in our land of great size and diversity, surely there has been much more we should remember from history in different parts of the country. The India Local History Documentation Project is an effort to present this local history to ourselves, so that we may know it more and remember it better.

- Ashwin Mahesh, Mapunity

  • What did Kanpur and the region around the city look like in times past? Browse through this collection of pictures, including famous monuments and streets, and learn about the importance of each. You can also add your own pictures to our site.
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    The city we see today is the result of many influences on it from the past. Browse through this timeline for a chronological account of the different people, events and institutions that left a great imprint on the city.
  • How many locations of historical importance can you find in your own neighbourhood? Browse our map to locate historically significant places in different parts of the city.